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Below are links to sites which can provide you with the latest virus information and sites which can help you determine if that latest e-mail you received saying "forward this to everyone you know" is for real or just another Internet Hoax. Links in the General Security Information section will help you determine how safe you "really" are on-line and if your privacy is being invaded by spyware.

General Security Information

21 Alarming Cybercrime Statistics for 2023 - With so much of our information out on the web, there is a vast amount of data to steal. Cybercrime is a growing problem that seems to keep getting worse each year, and 2023 is no different.

Ad-Aware - Freeware Program that Scans Your Computer for Known Spyware Advertising Systems and Safely Removes Them

AV-TEST - Comparative Tests of Antivirus Software for Windows and Reviews of Anti-malware Apps for Android

All You Need to Know About Cyberbullying - Site Covers: What Is Cyberbullying, Frequency, Different Types, How to Identify, Where It Occurs, Special Concerns, Additional Resources, and Laws & Sanctions.

An Interactive Guide To Staying Safe On The Internet - Information on Cyber Bulling, Identity Theft, Plagiarism, Computer Viruses, and General Internet Safety

Beginner's Guide to Internet Safety - 14 Tips for Being Safe Online including Avoiding Phishing Emails, Stop Over-Sharing, Download from Trusted Sources, Changing Passwords, Credit Monitoring, Update OS & Software Promptly, Using Reputable Shopping Sites, etc.

Cybersecurityguide - Site has categories for Bootcamps, Certifications, Careers, and a massive Resource Center with informative articles on An Introduction to Cybersecurity, Reacting to a Cyber Incident, Introduction to Cyber Defense, Phishing Attacks, etc

Cyber Tips for Older Americans - Keeping Senior Citizens Safe Online with Info on Risks, Cyberbullying, What to do, Keeping a Clean Machine, etc.

Encryption: What It’s All About - Encryption is the main security measure that computers, websites, and networks use to protect sensitive data. Info on how encryption works, how it partners with VPN, and the main encryption protocols VPNs use to protect your data.

Four Methods to Create a Secure Password You'll Actually Remember - How to Balance the Necessity of Highly Secure Passwords with the Utility of Easily Recalling Them.

Fraud Prevention Checklist - Details the Top 10 Scams Targeting Seniors including Internet Fraud (email/phishing), “I am a Nigerian prince…” Financial schemes, “Affordable prescriptions available here…” Drug scams, “You’ve won the lottery!” Contest scams, etc.

Free Browser Checkup - Series of Audits Designed to Test & Fix Your Browser's Security Vulnerabilities.

Free Secure File/Disk Deletion Tools - Destructively Delete or Wipe Data in Files/Disk. Helpful When Selling or Giving Away Your Old Computer.

Home PC Firewall Guide - Basic Information About and Independent, Third-Party Reviews of Internet Security and Privacy Products for Home, Telecommuter, and SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) End-Users

How to Remove Spyware for Free and Which Tools to Use - Comparitech site also has Guides for Best Free Antivirus programs for Windows, Best Free Data Recovery software for 2018, Best VPN for Windows 7, 8, & 10 PCs and Laptops in 2018, and more.

How Secure Is My Password? - Find Out How Long it Takes to Crack Your Password and How to Pick a Safe Password.

Microsoft Safety & Security Center - Articles & Free Resources on Computer Security, Digital Privacy, and Online Safety

NQ Mobile Security Report - PDF file of NQ Mobile's 2012 Security Report on Malware Infecting Mobile Devices Globally

OptOut - Internet Spyware Detection and Removal

Parents' Guide to Computer Crimes and Internet Safety - Computer crimes are an ever-evolving threat. It's important to talk to your child about staying safe online when they are first exposed to a computer, smartphone, or tablet. This site covers the Categories and Types of Cybercrime, Top Online Threats for Kids, Tips for Online Learning, and Online Safety Resources for Kids.

Password Haystack - Interactive Brute Force "Search Space" Calculator allows Experimentation with Password Length and Composition to Develop an Accurate and Quantified Sense of Password Safety.

Password Strength Test - How Easily Could a Hacker Crack Your Password? Enter a Password to Find Out How Long it Would Take. Password Data is Not Stored on a Server and is Only Processed in the Browser.

Privacy Analysis - Check the Privacy of Your Internet Connection Free

Random Key Generator - Variety of Random Key Generators for Passwords, Encryption Keys, etc.

Securelist - Information about Viruses, Hackers, and Spam.

Shields UP! - Free Quick Check of the SECURITY of YOUR Computer's Connection to the Internet

Spyware-Guide - Provides Information About Spyware, Adware & Anti-Spy Software

Stay Safe Online - National Cyber Security Alliance Provides Needed Information to Secure Your Home or Small Business Computer - An Online "Neighborhood Watch." Watches for Malicious Web Sites and Catalogs Such Sites & Applications. Has List of Badware. Joined with Google to Warn Users about Blacklisted Sites.

Students Guide to Staying Safe Online - Discusses Risky Behaviors, Tools to Keep Safe, and Provides Additional Resources to Stay Safe Online.

TeMerc Internet Countermeasures - Helpful Tips & Advice about Adware, Spyware, Malware, Hijacker and Other Vulnerabilities. Plainly Explained Information for the Home User Regarding Internet Security.

The Parents Guide to Internet Safety, Security and Screen Time for Kids - The Ultimate Guide on How to Talk to Your Kids about Screen Addiction, Cyberbullying, Safe Messaging, Self Esteem, Smartphones, TV, Video Games, Cybercrime and more.

The Password Meter - Assess the Strength of Password Strings. Use as a Guide for Password Creation.

The Security Ledger - Coverage Includes: Internet Of Things (Smart Home, Smart TV,Wearable), Connected Cars, Threats. Also has Podcasts & Videos.

Top 12 Secure Online Shopping Tips You Need to Know in 2019 - Just One of a Number of Guides from OnlinePrivacyTips, a Definitive Source for Online Privacy Needs, Tips, Unbiased Tech Reviews, and Latest Industry Happenings.

What is VPN? - VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network. This Guide Explains the Benefits of VPN and How It Works to Protect Your Internet Connection.

 Virus Information

Avast! - Free Intelligent Antivirus with New DynaGen Technology & Anti-Malware Protection plus Anti-Spyware & Anti-Rootkit.

AVG AntiVirus FREE - Antivirus Blocks Viruses, Spyware, & other Malware, Link Protection Scans Web, Twitter, & Facebook links, and File Shredder Securely Deletes Files to Prevent Snooping.

AntiVir Personal Edition - Free for Private & Individual Use. Detects & Removes More Than 50,000 Viruses. Internet-Update Wizard for Easy Updating.

F-Secure Computer Virus Info Center - Up-To-Date Virus Description Database

F-PROT - Antivirus Software (Free DOS & Linux Versions, Windows Trial Version) and Virus Info

McAfee Anti-Virus - Antivirus Software, Virus Information Library, Virus Glossary, Virus Calendar and More

Panda Security - Free Online Scan, ThreatWatch, and Security Info (Real-time Information & Resources to Stay Safe from Virus Attacks)

Sophos Anti-Rootkit - Free Anti-Rootkit Software, Finds & Removes any Rootkit (Malicious Object: Process, File, Registry Key, Network Port) that is Hidden on Your Computer.

Sophos Anti-Virus - Antivirus Software (30 day Trial) and Virus Info (Analyses, Scares, & Hoaxes)

Symantec AntiVirus Research Center - Information and Protection Plus the Latest Hot Topics

The Top Antivirus Software For Your Computer - Explains how Antivirus Software works and discusses some of the top antivirus software options available to help keep your computer safe and secure.

Trend Micro HouseCall - Free On-Line Virus Scan

Hoax Information

Hoax Du Jour - Source for Checking Out Internet Hoaxes - Urband Legends: Don't Believe Everything You Read - Urban Legends, Netlore/Faxlore, Fractured Facts and More - Email Reality Check Site to Check Out Forwarded Emails to see whether they are Hoaxes, Urban Legends, Scams, Myths, or the Truth. - Myths, rumors, scary stories and hoax emails from real life and the internet.