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Article IV of the Bylaws defines the Board of Directors. The BOD meets as necessary to define and discuss the club's policies, operation, and affairs. Much of the Board's business is conducted via e-mail. When necessary, meetings will take place at a time and location to be determined. The time and meeting location will be posted on this website. All SCPCUG members are welcome to attend BOD meetings.

Seven Officer positions comprise the Board of Directors.
Individuals listed below sit on the current Board.

SCPCUG Board of Directors


 Dan Douglas

President - The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation and shall exercise supervision over the activities and operations of the Corporation. He/she shall preside at all meetings at which he/she is present, including meetings of the Board of Directors. Except for the nominating committee, he/she shall appoint all committees and shall serve as a member ex officio of same.

 Vice President

 Gene Luke Vlahovic

Vice-President - The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President during his absence, serve as the single point of contact to software vendors and perform such other duties as directed by the Board of Directors.


 Elizabeth Bishop

Secretary - The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all regular or special meetings of the Corporation and the Board of Directors. These minutes shall be retained in the files of the Corporation and shall be an official, accurate and permanent record of all business transacted at these meetings. As directed, the Secretary shall prepare official correspondence on behalf of the Corporation. He/she shall be the official keeper of all Corporate Records and files and shall deliver them to his/her successor. He/she shall keep the Seal of the Corporation.

 Acting Treasurer

 Dan Douglas

Treasurer - The Treasurer shall receive all funds, deposit and keep them in a financial institution selected and approved by the Board of Directors. He/she shall be responsible for the filing of all tax returns for federal, state and local taxes. He/she shall keep an accurate record of all money received and expended, and shall regularly report to the membership on the financial status of the Corporation. He/she shall serve without bond. At least quarterly, he/she shall submit an itemized statement of receipts and expenditures to the Board of Directors, together with written statements of funds on deposit. At the expiration of his/her term, he/she shall deliver all records and monies belonging to the Corporation to his/her successor.

 Journal Editor

 Barbara Mead

Journal Editor or Co-editors - The editor(s) shall be responsible for obtaining articles for The Journal, shall edit them as required, and shall publish The Journal. The editor(s) shall also be responsible for obtaining advertisements for The Journal.

Web Master

Curt Potsic
 Curt Potsic

Club Webmaster - The Webmaster will be responsible for the creation and maintenance of the club's website on the Internet World Wide Web.

 Club Membership

 Linda Glassburn

Club Membership - The Membership will be responsible for the maintenance of the membership database, and undertaking such other duties as are assigned by the Board of Directors.