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Article IV of the Bylaws defines the Board of Directors. The BOD meets as necessary to define and discuss the club's policies, operation, and affairs. Much of the Board's business is conducted daily via e-mail. When necessary, meetings will take place at a time and location to be determined. The time and meeting location will be posted on this website. All SCPCUG members are welcome to attend BOD meetings.

Eight Officer positions comprise the Board of Directors.
Individuals listed below sit on the current Board.

SCPCUG Board of Directors

Dan Douglas
Dan Douglas
Vice President

Larry Bennett
Larry Bennett
Acting Secretary

Barbara Mead
Acting Treasurer

Dan Douglas
Dan Douglas
Acting Learning
Center Manager

Dan Douglas
Dan Douglas
Journal Editor

Barbara Mead
Web Master

Curt Potsic
Curt Potsic
Membership Chairperson

 Linda Glassburn