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AllMyFaves - A Visual Directory (Icons) of the Best Websites Searched for You by a Team of Experts. Categories Include E-mail, Video, Maps, Search, Sports, Weather, Community, Shopping, Banks, Finance, Cellular, Magazines, News, Compare, Photo, Movies, Music, Web Radio, Tech, Download, Games, etc. - Over a Million Topics, Covering People, Places, Words and Names, Drawn from Reliable Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Websites, etc. A New Standard in Reference.
30 Google Search Tips & Tricks for Students - Includes Google Scholar Search and Image Search Tips for Effectively Searching the Web Using Google.
Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing - Contains Over 13000 Definitions Totalling Nearly 5 MB of Text Related to Anything to do with Computing: Acronyms, Jargon, Programming Languages, Tools, Operating Systems, Networking, Theory, Conventions, Standards, Mathematics, etc.
Google Search Special Features - In Addition to Regular Web Page Search, Google has Many Special Features such as Everyday Essentials, Reference Tools, Choosing Keywords, Local Search, Health Search, Trip Planning, Query Refinements, and Search by Number. Use these for things like Weather, Stock Quotes, Sport Scores, Dictionary Definitions, Spell Checker, Movie Showtimes, Medications, Flight Schedules, Currency Conversion, Maps, Package Tracking, etc.
Internet Archive - Internet Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music, & Wayback Machine (see direct link below for Wayback Machine). It Offers Permanent Access for Researchers, Historians, Scholars, People with Disabilities, and the General Public to Historical Collections. Now Includes: Texts (over 2,943,256), Audio (over 947,141 recordings), Live Music Archive (over 95,748 concerts), Moving Images (over 548,560 movies), and software. Also Provides Specialized Services for Adaptive Reading & Information Access for the Blind and other Persons with Disabilities. - A Free Virtual Reference Center that Simplifies the Search for the Best Resources Online, including Libraries, High-Utility Reference Tools, Periodicals, etc. Find Libraries by Type, Acronyms, Current Events, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Maps, Public Records, Quotations, Statistics, Thesauri, Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Headlines, Speeches, Library Associations, Conferences and more.
News360 - Next Generation News Service that Aggregates Coverage from Multiple Outlets about Each Story & Provides for Personalization. Customize News Categories such as Top Stories, Latest News, Tech, Sports, Science, Business, Health, Food, Fashion, etc. to your Needs and Interests. Available for Desktop PC, Smartphone, and Tablet.
Reference Desk - Research Tools, Search (Web, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Thesaurus, Weather, Stock Quotes), Facts Finder, World Right Now (News), Help and Advice.
TutorialFind - Find Tutorials on Absolutely Anything. Categories include: Arts & Crafts, Computer Basics, Computer Hardware, Graphic Design, Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Internet, Music & Audio, Operating Systems, Web Development, etc.
Wayback Machine - Go Back in History for any URL! Surf the Web as it Was! Search and View the Internet Archive's Enormous Collection of Web Sites, Dating Back to 1996 and Comprising over 150 Billion Web Pages, the Largest Database in the World.  
Webopedia - Online Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms.
Whatis - A Knowledge Exploration Tool about Information Technology (especially the Internet and Computers) Containing over 2,000 individual Encyclopedic Definition/Topics, Quick-Reference pages, and 12,000 Hyperlinked Cross-References for Definition/Topics and to other Sites for Further Information.

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